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  Mukahirn Industries
                    A PC-Connect Company

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  White Stone Financial recognizes

Mukahirn Industries

 as a pioneer in providing

cost driven services



Mukahirn Industries & PC-Connect

undergo successful transition

of back office operations.


Commitment to Excellence:

Mukahirn Industries is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. We pride ourselves on quality construction and dedication to our clients' needs.


Progressive Attitude:

Successful companies in today's competitive construction market combine a progressive management team with a motivated work force to create a functional working environment. The ability to create such an environment is achieved through effective interaction and communication between our construction team and you, the client!


Team Concept:

Mukahirn Industries believes that the "team concept" is the most successful way to construct a project. We work closely with Clients to form a team with a common goal.


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